How does Air Conditioning & Heating Work together?

Is an air conditioner better as a heating source?

Many people don’t realise that air conditioning units can act as heat pumps that are capable of providing heat, with a greater output than their traditional heating system while using less energy to do so. This can help to reduce your energy costs along with your carbon footprint.

This is also ideal for commercial premises which are used all year round and require much larger spaces to be cooled in summer and heated in winter. Your office, leisure facility or school buildings can benefit majorly from one system for both functions through heat pump technology.

Air conditioning heat pump view
Air conditioning heat pump example

How do heat pumps work?​

How a heat pump works is it captures heat from outside and moves it into your home. It uses electricity to do this, but the heat energy delivered to your home is more than the electrical energy used to power the system.

Currently. electricity is becoming increasingly low carbon, as more renewable sources are connected to the electricity grid. This leads to the replacement of existing gas and coal power stations. This makes a heat pump an extremely low carbon heating option, and increasingly so as our electricity grid further decarbonises.

Tens of thousands of heat pumps have already been installed across the UK, and over 1.5 million heat pumps were installed across Europe in 2020 alone. The UK Government expects that millions of heat pumps will need to be installed in homes over the next 10-15 years to meet the net zero targets.

Benefits of heat pumps?

Heat pumps are as good at cooling as they are heating. They act as a furnace in cold months and as an air-conditioner in warmer months. They are also very energy efficient, which saves you money and minimises the impact on the environment. An electric heat pumps allow you to control the amount of energy used to heat and cool your home or business. They’ve also been used for residential purposes for centuries. Heat pumps also have to work much less heating up air in mild to hot climates.

Air conditioning heat pump diagram